5th Class

Peace IV (Shared Education Project)

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Halloween lanterns made by 5th class October 2017


Leanne Connell, Bank of Ireland Oldcastle, ha spent the last two days in our school presenting the Bizworld Ireland resource  with 5th class. This was a wonderful project for 5th class and it ha given them an insight into banking and business. Yesterday we also had a visit from the Manager of the Bank of Ireland in Oldcastle, Áine McConnell, as well as a local business woman,Patsy Monaghan, to mentor the pupils and advise them on their projects. It was a wonderful learning experience and we are grateful to Leanne Connell, who is also a past pupil for facilitating the training and to Áine McConnell, Bank Manager and her Associate,Patsy Monaghan, local business consultant.

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Rang a cúig learned about the 'Key to Friendship'!