Cáirde 3

Planting in cairde 3

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Cairde 3 doing some car art and messy play

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Cairde 3 art with Lucy

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Cairde 3 Jumping clay with Tanya
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Easter Egg Hunt
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Fun dominos in cairde 3
Created by friends in Cairde 3
Cairde 3 Art
Fun Times in the Cairde classes!
Beautiful wall flowers by cairde 3 & hung by Helen
Cairde 3 lego club!! The concentration
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Garden Art
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Cairde 3 Halloween art & craft
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Cairde 3 found a huge tree fallen by storm Ophelia in a field nearby

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Cairde 3 investigates the damages of Hurricane Ophelia

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Any Day it's your Birthday it is a Special Day

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My Space

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Hard at Work

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5th/6th class working on garden art

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Enjoying new Therapy Room

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Enjoying painting

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Discover primary science experiment

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Horseriding 2017

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Cailan talking to 6th class about autism awareness!!! And adapting in our society

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Work and Play

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Beautiful displays in Cáirde 3

20170120_140228 20170120_140209

IMG_4151 IMG_4150

Beautiful Art Work in Cáirde 3


"Feeling festive in Cairde 3"

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Lego fun in cairde 3... making our names

IMG_3807 IMG_3809

Cáirde 3 carved out a pumpkin!!

20161027_144323 (1)

Cairde 3 taking part in the cheerios childline breakfast morning


Cairde classes maths week games

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Cailan's Birthday

IMG_3361 IMG_3363 IMG_3367 IMG_3369 IMG_3370 IMG_3377 IMG_3380

Birthday party's

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IMG_3339 IMG_3338

Cairde 2 & 3 working on our play skills

IMG_3135 IMG_3138 IMG_3136

Cairde 2 & Cairde 3 doing some autumn art!

IMG_3194 (1) IMG_3193 IMG_3191IMG_3192

Cairde 2 & 3 "first week back making Rice Krispie buns"

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"A Busy start to the New School Year"

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