Junior & Senior Infants

Junior and senior infants enjoying football coach

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Junior and Senior Maths Trail!!

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Maths Week - Busy Children

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Work of Art

20171004_114913 20171004_114920

Junior and Senior Infants busy painting

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"Back at School and loving it"

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Active School Week 2017 (Yoga for All)

We love Yoga with Dearbhla - Junior Infants Active School Week Knocktemple NS 2017

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Junior infants enjoying their lunch outdoors in the summer sunshine! May 2017

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Planting of New Garden May 2017

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Teddy Bears Picnic in Junior Infants, senior infants and first class

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Maths made fun in Junior Infants!

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Junior Infants visit Santa

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Junior infants working hard on shape and pattern in maths.

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Junior infants got to play traditional Halloween games with 6th class. Well done to 6th class and Ms White-Lynch for organising this enjoyable event!

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On Monday the 24th October Junior Infants, along with some helpers headed off on their autumn walk.  They gathered up autumn leaves, berries and nuts which they investigated back at school.  They seen the autumnal colour of red, orange, green, brown and yellow.  They noticed the leaves and berries which had fallen for the animals to gather in preparation for hibernation.  Some were also lucky as they spotted a pheasant running through the fields.  Everyone had an enjoyable morning on their walk.

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Junior Infants enjoying Breakfast Morning

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Autumn trees by junior infants

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Look at the Gingerbread men created by Junior Infants!


"Structured play in the infant classroom- the restaurant, construction and the fire station"

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"Junior infants working on matching and making sets during Maths"

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Junior infants working on their letter sounds and formation.
"Library time in the infant class"

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