1st Class

Maths Maths Maths!
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Radio Programme games outside
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Oisín agus Tír na nÓg: Ms. Leggett's class performed a drama called 'Oisín agus Tír na nÓg' in the school hall. The drama was recorded by Brian Kenny , Freya and Lyla's Dad, for RTE junior radio. The drama was narrated by Lyla Kenny. Well done to all!
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 On a rainy day they enjoy the different areas in our classroom, use the schools games chest or watch a movie.
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They participated in the art competition ‘Someone like me’ which can win prizes for our school. Cora is the pupil of the eye and is surrounded by the hands of her friends all explaining “I am different because......
They are learning some games their parents and grandparents played when they were at school.
The children decorated our classroom for Halloween and gave some pumpkins as presents to people who are special to them around our school.
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They practiced the safe cross code from the poster on our wall and the YouTube video in preparation for our walk to the church for mass today.
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Space Week Activities in Senior Infants and 1st Class

Senior infants and first class designed their own rockets, aliens and planets during literacy lift-off. They played space games and learned about space. They have their own unique photo of the moon and space goodies are being sent to our class because they participated in Space Week.


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Hard at Work

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Pajama Party April 2017

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Christmas 2016 for Senior Infants and 1st Class

SDC11791Senior Infants and 1st Class visit Santa


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Wind Energy Workshop December 2016

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Hallowe'en Party Time in Senior and 1st Class

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Senior Infants & 1st Class learning about trees

Autumn Leaves outside Ms Brady's class