Tips for Parents

The following downloads should aid you in helping your child throughout the school year:   Tips for Junior Infants Tipsheet_Division_as_sharing Tipsheet_Helping_you_child_with_subtraction Tip-sheet_on_play_Parents_of_young_children Transition to Post Primary Your_child's_learning_2000 Helping_your_child_in_junior_and_senior_infants Helping_your_child_in_first_and_second_classes Helping_your_child_in_third_and_fourth_classes Helping_your_child_in_fifth_and_sixth_classes The_What,_Why_and_How_of_Childrens_Learning_in_Primary_School_Overview

Numeracy Targets

Below you can  find numeracy targets for each of the classes. They are good guidelines to see whether your child is at the appropriate level. Numeracy Targets JI 1 Numeracy Targets JI 2 Numeracy Targets SI 1 Numeracy Targets SI 2 Targets Numeracy 1st 1 Targets Numeracy 1st 2 Numeracy Targets 2nd 1 Numeracy Targets…