Hallowe’en Costume Design Winners in conjunction with Green School WOW Day

Winners of Best Hallowe’en Costume Design are as follows: Ms Larmer & Cáirde 1 -AmberTighe, Ms Brady & Cáirde 2 – Isabelle Roche, Mr. Sheils & Cáirde 3 - Lorcan Donoghue, Mr. Kelly Bobby Carolan, Ms Rowan’s – Sean Glennon, Ms White Lynch – Emily Towell

Green School WOW day                                                                                                           A big congratulations to all the pupils who took part in our “Witches Walk” to school today.  A huge thank you to all the parents who helped at the various park and stride locations. Congratulations to Mr. Sheils 2nd & 3rd class who won this terms prize for reducing the amount of cars coming to the school by walking, cycling, parking and striding or carpooling coming to school.  We will be continuing to encourage & monitor walking, cycling, parking & striding and carpooling in the next term, where safety, weather etc permits.  A fantastic 128 pupil’s out of 148 pupils present in school today took part in the “Witches Walk” so well done to all involved.

Hallowe’en Raffle Parents Association                                                                     Parents Association Raffle Winners: Corey Kavanagh Cáirde 1, Aoife Henry, Annie Hetherton 4th Class. A big thank you to all the children who bought tickets and especially Niall Lynch and Caoimhe Hetherton who sold tickets every day.

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